Why Choose Hear Now?

Hear Now is an independently run hearing service provider, dedicated to offering top-notch care without hitting your wallet. Specialising in treating noise-induced hearing loss and tinnitus, we’ve been providing hearing solutions and helping hardworking Aussies since 1995, particularly those with industrial deafness from noisy work environments. Expanding on our services, we also offer fully funded hearing aids through the Hearing Services Program for pensioners, and facilitate claims through private health insurance, workers’ compensation, and even household contents insurance, ensuring comprehensive coverage and options for all our clients.

Making Lives Better, Down Under

We’re chuffed to have improved the lives of thousands who've suffered in their noisy jobs.

Many people we’ve helped didn’t even realise they had industrial deafness or the risks of leaving it untreated – like dementia, auditory deprivation, and depression. Discovering that they could get treatment without any out-of-pocket expense was a real bonus. Accredited by the Australian Government’s Office of Hearing Services since 2012, we’ve been providing cost-free treatment to many, thanks to government entitlements. And now, expanding our reach, we’re also welcoming new retail clients, offering everyone access to the latest in hearing aid technology and personalised care.

Our team of friendly and skilled clinicians deliver this treatment with genuine care.

Hear Now is thrilled to expand our services by offering a range of high-end hearing aids, equipped with the latest tech and tailored to meet your specific needs, complementing our existing services. Our selection includes accessories like TV streaming, wireless charging cases, and an app to log all your hearing needs, ensuring a seamless, integrated experience. 

Our focus is on providing you with hearing aids that not only address your hearing loss but also enhance your lifestyle through these innovative features. And for those battling tinnitus, we can provide masking treatment with these devices to help ease those annoying symptoms. 

At Hear Now, it’s all about honest service, effective treatment, and now, offering a range of retail hearing aids to better serve our community.

Why Hear Now?

“Very professional from the beginning at my hearing test, the staff are so very polite and helpful. I am so appreciative of the help I received upon collection of my hearing aids having everything set up has been a big help and the aids are fantastic so easy to operate and are working extremely well.”


“It been a while since I’ve been able to hear things and socialising was hard because it was hard to hold a conversation in public just couldn’t hear what people were saying so it was easier just to stay home but hear now have changed that the staff are great friendly and supportive.,
I can now have a conversation in the car and when I go out and don’t have to turn up the TV to loud and I still get a good night sleep when I take out my hearing aid
Thank you 😊”

Stephen B

“Great people who treated me with utmost professionalism. Always kept me in the loop and really couldn’t be happier with the service. The end product has made such a difference in my life. I can actually hear the tv and don’t have to turn it up all the way to hear. Excellent providers”

Douglas G