Industrial Deafness Specialists

Industrial Deafness Specialists

At Hear Now, we’re experts in checking if your hearing has taken a hit from a noisy work environment. Our Qualified Practitioners are top-notch at working out the extent of your hearing loss or tinnitus and what’s caused it. A fair few people with industrial hearing loss don’t even realise that their hearing has been damaged in the workplace until we point it out.
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Hearing Needs Assessment

A Hearing Needs Assessment Test is a comprehensive evaluation designed to identify an individual’s hearing capabilities and challenges. The assessment helps audiologists determine the type and degree of hearing loss, understand the impact on daily communication, and recommend appropriate interventions, such as hearing aids or other assistive devices. 
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Hearing Device Fitting

Over at Hear Now, we’ve got the latest gear in hearing devices and accessories, covering all sorts of styles and models. These aren’t just your average hearing aids; they’ve got the technology to tackle different types of hearing loss and even help with tinnitus. We’re all about finding the perfect match for you with our top-shelf hearing aid options.

Tinnitus Treatment

At Hear Now, we’re using the latest tech, like the nifty MedRx Tinnometer, to get a handle on your Tinnitus. We can measure it, figure out exactly what you’re dealing with, and match it to a treatment that helps ease those tough symptoms – the anxiety, sleepless nights, irritability, trouble concentrating, and the discomfort it brings.

Hearing Evaluation

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