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    Industrial Deafness Specialists

    Industrial Deafness Specialists

    Hear Now specializes in identifying whether you may have hearing loss as a result of working in a noisy job. Our Qualified Practitioners are highly skilled at determining the level of hearing loss/tinnitus and the likely cause. Many people with industrial hearing loss don’t even realize they have it.

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    Hearing Needs Assessment

    The professionals at Hear Now dedicate their time and expertise in providing you with no catch free evaluation of your hearing. This diagnostic test will give in-depth information about the specific nature of your hearing loss and determine what entitlements you may qualify to receive.

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    Hearing Device Fitting

    Hear Now offers the latest cutting edge technology in hearing devices and accessories in a wide assortment of styles and models. Today’s devices not only treat hearing loss but have built-in tinnitus masking capability. Nearly every device provided by Hear Now has been done on a no out-of-pocket basis.

    Tinnitus Treatment

    Hear Now is able to measure, quantify and match your Tinnitus using the latest cutting edge technology (the new MedRx Tinnometer), finding you relief
    from the debilitating symptoms of Tinnitus- anxiety, sleeplessness, irritation, lack of concentration and pain.

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