Being fitted with your hearing device by Hear Now can change your life. But it is only the first step.
Your device is a sensitive instrument. Careful maintenance is important in order to get the best results over the years to come.
Through caring for your device, you can be sure you experience the best hearing conditions it can offer.
You will also ensure the device maintains a high level of hygiene.
Here are some simple guidelines that will keep your Hear Now device working to its highest capabilities:


Handle your hearing device carefully. If you drop it on a hard surface, it is best to have it checked by one of our professionals.


Switch your hearing device off when you are not using it, especially before going to sleep. Remove the batteries if you are switching it off for a longer period of time.


Check your batteries regularly. The device always works best with full batteries. Always keep a spare set of batteries to hand. Store them in a cool dry place. Keep the battery contacts clean by brushing gently with a cotton swab.


Clean your hearing device regularly. Use a small brush or the soft cloth that comes with your device. If you use cleaning agents, make sure they are approved. Do not use alcohol or solvents.


Remove any earwax from your hearing aid. The wax collects dirt and can cause your device to stop working properly. If you cannot clean the hearing aid completely, it is best to contact your hearing health care professional.


Keep your hearing device dry. Moisture can build up inside the device during the day. By leaving the battery door open at night, internal components can dry.


Do not wear your hearing aid in the shower, when swimming, or when using a hair dryer, hair spray, or other types of spray.


Protect your device from extreme heat and cold. Remove your device when using a hair dryer. Do not place it near a radiator or leave it lying in the sun.


Do not wear your device during any medical procedures that utilize scanning, such as CT scan. Airport scanners will not damage your device.

It is important to refer to a hearing health care professional if you experience feedback in your hearing device. Feedback is the whistling sound that can be heard from the device. Hearing feedback may suggest that the earmold on your device needs to be adjusted. It could also mean you have too much earwax in the ear canal.

Talk to your hearing health care professional about what you should do if you start hearing feedback.

Regular audiology visits are recommended for hearing testing, to check the performance of the hearing aid, and to make necessary adjustments.

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